Yellowstone Line

Yellowstone Line Bundle

Infuse Your Adventure

Chase a sense of steadfast wonder. Follow it into the unknown. Driven by the unparalleled beauty of the first U.S. National Park, this tea line awakens a renewed ritual as enduring as Old Faithful.

The bundle makes a great gift and includes:

No. 17 - Old Faithful Vanilla (1.2oz),

No. 22 - Stagecoach Black (1.4oz),

No. 33 - Geyser Basin Green (1.1oz),

No. 58 - Speed Goat Chai (1.8oz),

No. 73 - Firehole Tonic (1.8oz),

No. 76 - Grizzly Berry (2.3oz)


We have chosen packaging for this line that is completely compostable in commercial facilities. By doing so we honor the natural landscapes that bring us connection, healing, and joy and seek to preserve them for future generations to come.


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