We’ve been inspired by the splendor of our surroundings in Bozeman, Montana, to curate four specialty tea lines we feel evoke wild, enchanting places. Each line includes two black, one green, one chai, and two herbal teas.

Yellowstone Line


Infuse Your Adventure

Chase a sense of steadfast wonder. Follow it into the unknown. Driven by the unparalleled beauty of the first U.S. National Park, this tea line awakens a renewed ritual as enduring as Old Faithful.

Wilderness Line


Untame Your Cup

Wander. Get lost in the splendor of your every day surrounds with this line of teas inspired by the rugged enchantments of Montana’s vast wilderness. Untame your cup. The wilderness is calling.

Elevate Your Steep

Elevate the everyday with this line of hand- selected blends crafted from our highest quality teas. Influenced by the craggy peaks that define the rugged skyline of southwestern Montana, this line drives perfection in every cup.

Montana Line


Treasure Your State

Steep in the unbridled awe of Montana’s untamed surroundings. Drink them in. Repeat. This tea line—inspired by Montana’s awe- inducing expanse—acts as a beacon that always calls us home.